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Yacht Charter Turkey

Yacht Charter Turkey (Turkish Coast & Greek Islands) General Information

In this article, you will find information about the yacht tourism in Turkey (Turkish Coast & Greek Islands)

(extended version of this article is here)

First of all, we have 2 main questions.
1. What kind of a yacht / boat is proper for the guests?
2. Where to go ?

1. What kind of a yacht / boat is proper for the guests?
Type of Boats / Yachts

About type of boats, there are 3 main kinds of yachts available in Turkey for yacht charter:
. . . Gulets
. . . Motoryachts
. . . Sailing boats (bareboats)

1.1. Gulets

Gulets are mostly wooden yachts. Bodrum, a town in Turkey, is very famous for the gulet form of boat construction. And Bodrum gulets are popular all over the world.

At past, gulets were only made from wood, and the length of the first gulets were around 14 meters.

By time, the size of the gulets increased. Now in Bodrum, gulets up to 50 meters are also being built. And today, these boats are not only wooden; steel and aluminium boats are also built.

And to describe the kind little more, we can think the gulets as "motor sailors". Gulets mostly have 2 masts. And they mostly have sailing equipment also. And also these boats are powered by powerfull engines. (Today, a gulet around 30 - 40 meter, has engine power around 400 - 1000 hp.). Of course, the power of the engines are not as much as motor-yachts, but if we think that gulets are displacement type of boats, these amount of power is enough for most cases.

The crusing speed of the gulets vary between 8 - 12 knots.

About the accomodation; gulets have cabins between 3 - 8. But generally, they have 4-6 cabins. The average number of guest is 10-12.

Crew of the gulets vary also. The minimum number of the crew on a gulet is 3, tha captain, the chief and a deckhand. The crew number may go upto 8, captain, chief, dechands and hostesses.

The quality of the service in a gulet also varries too much.

Most of the crew in gulets are mostly local people of Bodrum, and they are mostly good seamen. But about the service quality, most of the crew in gulets did not get education about VIP service. And in some of the boats, some crew can not speak English, and in some, even captain can not speak English very well.

These hand made, and mostly wooden boats, have their own style, and the blue voyages with these beautiful yachts has special taste. I personally recomend you a blue voyage with a gulet. But it is important to choose the right boat (and of course the right crew)

1.2. Sailing Boats for Bareboat

Monohull and catamran bareboats are also available for yacht charter.

Baseports are mostly in Bodrum, Göcek, Fethiye and Marmaris.

One week rental price varries between 1.000 - 6.000 Euro for the boats between 9-17 meters length and depending on the the season. (July & August are the most busy and expensive months, and it is difficult to find last minute available boats for this period). Check-in day for most of the boats is saturday for one week charter. But some companies give some of their boats on sunday and monday also.

Mostly encountered boats available for barebaots are: Bavaria, Beneteau, Jeanneau monohull sailing boats and Lagoon catamarans.

1.3. Motor Yachts

Of course, motor yachts is completely another class. In general, the length of the motoryachts, whose baseports are Turkish ports, vary upto 50 meters. But there are some exceptions also. And the most important of these yachts is 136 meter length superyacht Savarona. Savarona was the yacht of Mustafa Kemal ATATÜRK, and the yacht belongs to the Turkish Republic. But, the yacht is charted by a company, which rented the yacht for a long period of time from the Turkish Republic.

At this point, some special motor-sailors are also good alternatives for motor-yachts.

One of them is S/Y Regina, which is a 56 meter length luxury schooner. (The yacht in Skyfall, the latest James Bond movie)

2. Where to go ? Yacht Charter Routes

Routes depend on the baseport and the boat speed. If a speedy motor yacht is rented for charter, independent of the baseport, All the Turkish coast and the Greek Islands in the Aegean sea can be visited (but in this case, coast of fuel must be considered).

In Turkey, Bodrum is like the capital town for yacht charter (especially for gulet yacht charter). And most of the beautiful gulets' base port is Bodrum. (In Marmaris and in Göcek, there are also some beautiful gulets). So, most of the blue voyage tours with gulets start and end in Bodrum. For the tours starting from Bodrum, have the following route options below

2.1. Routes staring from Bodrum
. Gökova Gulf
There are many beautiful bays in the Gökova Gulf, some of them are English Harbour

. Bodrum - Göcek - Bodrum
There are many beautiful bays in Turkish Coast and some Greek Islands can be visited also on this route, like Simi

. Bodrum - Marmaris - Bodrum
There are many beautiful bays in Turkish Coast and some Greek Islands can be visited also on this route, like Simi

. Greek Islands
the Greek Island Kos is app. 10 miles away from Bodrum, starting from Kos, some of the Greeks Islands can be visited

2.2. Routes staring from Göcek

For the trips, starting from Göcek, there are also many options.

. Göcek Bays & Fethiye Gulf
. Göcek - Marmaris - Göcek
. Göcek - Rhodos - Göcek
. Göcek - Bodrum - Göcek
. Göcek - Kaş - Göcek

2.3. Routes staring from Marmaris

. Marmaris - Bodrum - Marmaris
. Marmaris - Rhodos - Marmaris
. Marmaris - Göcek - Marmaris

3. Extra Information
3.1 Airports
For the trips, that will start from Bodrum, the Bodrum - Milas Airport must be used, Bodrum - Milas airport is app. 45 km to the Bodrum City center, which means that you will arive your boat in Bodrum harbour in 40 minutes.

And for the trips that will start from Marmaris or Göcek, Dalaman Airport is more closer.

3.2 Links

. www.YachtsVirtualTour.com contains 30 yachts virtual tours established by İsmail Çifci.

. Information about the 56 meters S/Y Regina (yacht in Skyfall) can be found on the address: S/Y Regina, Information & Virtual Tour

. Virtual tours of some bays of Turkish coast can be found on the address below:

. The official web page of Savarona: www.savarona.com.tr

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