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Shipyards & Boatyards in Turkey

Shipyards & Boatyards in Turkey | Turkish Shipyards

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In Turkish shipyards, high quality boats are being built in reasonable time and within economical budgets.

The average quality is close to European shipyards (even some shipyards' quality standards meet very well with European standards), the average cost of building yachts in Turkey is lower.

Therefore, Turkish shipyards are started to get popular among famous designers of yachting world.

As being a Turkish yacht broker, i wanted to share information about Turkish boatyards on these pages.

In Turkey, basically in 3 regions boatyards are located:
1. Istanbul
2. Antalya
3. Bodrum

1. Boatyards in Istanbul
RMK Marine: RMK Marine belongs to KOC Holding, which is one of the most powefull companies in Turkey. The standarts of the shipyard is highest in Turkey. RMK Marine does not only build yachts, they also build commercial ships and boats for Turkish Navy.

Bilgin Yacht: is a family owned boatyard and building boats in the last 75+ years.

Ersa Shipyard (Dunya Yacht): The builder of 72 meters motoryacht Red Square

Perini Navi
Nu Marine

Mazu Yachts: I have met with the owner of this boatyard, Mr. Halit Yukay in Moscow Boat Show 2013. Himself is a designer and i personally believe that yachts he build will be more and more famous by time.

Miss Tor Yacht

2. Boatyards in Antalya

Sunrise Yachts: I have not been to any of the yachts they have built, but i have visited their boatyard in Antalya, and i know a few facts about Sunrise shipyards. First of all, they are one of the most bust boatyards in Turkey nowadays (2013), and i have seen that their marketing and sales department is working very well in the leadership of Jean-Claude Carme. I guess the quality of the boats they have built are also fine.

Arkin Pruva: This boatyard prefers to build motorsailors and sailing yachts. Actually they have proven their success with the boats they have launched. For example, motor sailor M/S Daima won almost all of the regatts she had entered, which was built by Arkin Pruva Boatyard.

Peri Yachts

Vicem Yachts

Sarp Yachts: Sarp Yacht is a new boatyard in Antalya Boatyard Region. They have a strong team and a very clean boatyard. They are currently building a 46 meters motor yacht (March 2013). Their capacity is much higher than this 46 meters motor yacht. I wish to see this motor yacht on sea. And i personally wish all the best for this hardworking and brilliant team.

Alia Yachts

3. Boatyards in Bodrum

Ağanlar Shipyard
Ağanlar Shipyard, is a family shipyard in Bodrum. The current CEO is Erdem Ağan, who is the second generation of the family, well educated about ship building, and very competetive.
They have launched Kestrel 106, a 32 meters aliminium ketch, which is a Ron Hollond design eraly in 2012.

Aegean Shipyard

Ark Yacht: Ark Yacht is another shipyard which i know personally. The design team of Ark Yacht is a strong team. The owner, Ayberk, himself is also an engineer in this field. The 56 meters S/Y Regina, which was the yacht in the movie Skyfall, was built by Ark Yacht in Bodrum.

Cobra Yacht: Cobra Yacht is another boatyard whom i personally know very well. This boatyard had always built state of art gulets of its time. Cobra Queen & Cobra King were the legendery gulets of its time. And finally the 46 meters wooden M/S Infinty had been again unique.

Esen Yacht

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